Svein Kaurin and Polona Mursec

We met in 2012 in Murcia, Spain, when we both attended an NLP Trainers Training programme. It wasn’t long before we realised that we shared a similar outlook on life and had similar plans for the future. We were talking passionately about taking people out of their ordinary routine and offering them the best personal and professional development including being invited to our well-being retreats to further enhance their development. Well, this time we are making our dreams a reality. We cannot put into words how exciting this is for us.

Why do we get on so well?
We realise this is due to our similar outlook that we share on life. We both love nature and we love to have fun. We are very easy-going and at the same time very outgoing. We don’t miss a single party in town as we both love music, dancing, and singing. We believe in the greatness of the human spirit and in the most beautiful and the most profound force in this Universe that has the power to heal each single individual on this planet. We believe in the power of love. As you join our retreat, you will become a part of our family. Along your journey we will nurture, support and protect you and we will make sure that you will leave our retreat with a lot of great knowledge, new insights and a brand new attitude to life.

Svein Kaurin

Svein KaurinSvein is an internationally certified NLP Trainer and one of the very few certified NLP New Code Trainers in Europe. He was trained by NLP co-creator John Grinder and the highly acclaimed Life – Business Coachand Trainer Carmen Bostic St.Clair.

Svein specialised in effective communication and dissemination. He represents the latest in coaching, mental “peak performance” and change work. He is a founder and co-owner of the Centre for NLP in Tromso and has over 30 years of experience as a teacher. He works internationally as an NLP trainer with several institutions in Europe. His enthusiasm, humour and precise communicational skills have made him attractive as a trainer/lecturer and speaker to various institutions. Sparebank 1, Managers, Troms Kraft, NHO Jobzone, Nito and Statoil are just few of the companies to mention that Svein has worked with in Norway.


Polona Mursec

PolonaMursecPolona developed a very strong bond with nature and a passion for a healthy lifestyle from an early age. In her twenties she qualified as a lawyer and was representing companies in front of courts and other authorities. Despite the work diversity, there was a call inside of her that was getting louder and louder. This call was reminding her to reconnect back with her true self and follow her true passion. It didn’t take long before she left her home country and moved to London where she studied various personal and professional development programmes with enthusiasm and great passion. Today she works as a transformational coach and a trainer, working with people from all aspects of life who want to transform their lives and bring their real, authentic self to the surface. She combines various fields including healthy nutrition and sport activities into her programmes in order to bring long and lasting changes into other people’s lives.


 Emerald leadership academy

ELA fotoOur other joined program is the Emerald Leadership Academy. Main mission of the program is to tailor and deliver the most exclusive personal and professional development trainings and coachings to the New Age Leaders or Emerald Leaders.

Emerald Leaders are people who lead by example, not by position. They are people who aspire to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. We believe that leadership isn’t about holding a title or position of a leader in an organisation, but about living in a profound state of being and influencing others’ lives in the best possible manner.